Q- Switch ND YAG Laser for Hyperpigmentation

  • Hyperpigmentation, black and brown birth mark and tattoo is treated by the most advanced Nd YAG Q-switch laser
  • Among hyperpigmentation freckles, deep black pigmentation, fixed drug reaction can be treated with satisfactory outcome
  • Neavus of Ota, nevus spilus, CALM, Becker’s Nevus are few common birthmark treated by Nd YAG Q Switch laser
  • Blue and black tattoo will have good improvement
  • DECORATIVE TATTOO with mixed colour will be avoided


LASER Targets pigment or tattoo present in the skin. Target absorbs energy and fragmentation of of the melanin or tattoo particles take place because of the heat. Fragmented particles are removed by the immunity of body. Laser requires multiple sitting to achieve optimum or    satisfactory results. One cannot predict the number of sitting but 5 to 10 sittings must be ideal.

COMPLICATION: HYPERPIGMENTATION IS COMMON SIDE EFFECTS AFTER ANY LASER TREATMENT, but this is temporary and can be avoided by proper care by rigorous use of quality sunscreen