images-1Toenail fungus will often occur in adults and can be contracted in a variety of ways including contact with others (i.e. pedicures, manicures), recovery after a nail injury, or even by wearing “closed toe” footwear. However contracted, it is a medical condition and is an infection to the nail where left untreated may permanently damage the nail or spread to other nails or surrounding skin. Typical symptoms associated with this disorder may include:
  • Change in color of the nail
  • The nail is weak often being brittle or ragged in appearance
  • Nail appears to be misshaped or easily separated
  • Lack of luster or shine to the nail
  • General thickening of the nail in comparison with other nails

While lasers may seem scary to some, they use safe light energy and are used daily for cosmetic procedures. Now that same state-of-the-art technology can be used to treat toenail fungus. This safe and painless laser treatment treats the fungus and kills it without any damage to surrounding nail or skin. You can visit our office for a consultation where you will be evaluated as a potential candidate for care. The laser treatment will take about 30 minutes to treat both feet. As each toe is treated by the laser you will feel a mild, warming sensation. The laser treatment may potentially consist of up to 3 sessions beginning at day 1, 4 months after the first treatment and 8 months after the second treatment, if necessary. Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment. The doctor will discuss post-treatment care to avoid fungal re-infection.


At Skin Karma we offer wide range of treatments including nail diseases that are cost effective and affordable because nail problems may give rise to certain other diseases and therefore should not be neglected. Our dermatologists have years of experience in providing dermatological, including nail infection treatments in Dwarka.