The term STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases refer to diseases that are transmitted by any form of sexual contact or other form of intimacy including kissing, oral or intercourse. Most of these diseases aren’t just spread exclusively by sexual acts and can follow other routes like touching, mother to infant, intravenous needle use, blood transfusion, etc.

Some of the common ones include syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, genital warts and HIV/AIDS.
Cancroid is a STD that appears within few hours as a pustule with rapidly ulcerate and the ulcer is irregular, yellow and the discharge is free and perished.

Gonorrhoea is a venereal disease caused by the bacteria Neisseria Gonorrhoeae. The disease most frequently affects 15-20 year old. Its symptoms include pus discharge from urethra, pain and burning during urination and many times swelling of the genitals.

Syphilis is caused by a spirochete bacterium known as Treponema Pallidum. This disease spreads through sex. To prevent this disease or any other disease do not get intimated with the person having Syphillis. However, using protections does not completely reduce the risk.


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