Laser Scar Removal in Dwarka

Whenever the skin is damaged, it has to heal, and this may result in a scar.  Depending on your skin type, health, and genetics, the scar may be unsightly and may make you very self-conscious. If you think people see your scars before they see you, we can help with many different scar treatment options, including Laser Scar Treatment in Dwarka.

Scar Removal in Dwarka

Non-surgical Laser Scar Removal Treatments include fractional lasers, most preferred being the ablative fractional carbon dioxide laser, that deliver light in an array of high precision micro beams. These micro beams create narrow, deep columns of tissue coagulation, penetrating well below the epidermis and into the dermis, while sparing the tissue surrounding the columns from damage.The heat stimulates new collagen formation and gradual resurfacing of the scars happens over time.

  • Scar can be revised, it can’t be removed.
  • Co2 laser is the most powerful laser for any kind of scars like acne, chicken pox or injury scar.
  • This laser targets water present in skin and resurfacing of the scars take place.
  • Topical anaesthetic cream is applied before procedure.
  • Mild pain or burning sensation may be during treatment.
  • If the scar is deep we first flatten the collar or shoulder of the scar, after that we give minimum energy to the centre.
  • Since collagen and elastic fibres are made up of protein, remodelling of these tissue takes place after laser treatment.
  • Since remodelling of the fibres are continuous process, to get maximum benefit we need to stimulate these tissues on regular interval. That’s why multiple sittings of CO2 laser are required.
  • Generally, 3 to 5 sittings are required for satisfactory result but one cannot predict results of laser treatment.
  • After procedure, there will be crust formation and crust will fall after 3 to 5 days. After falling of the crust there will be mild erythema and we should apply sunscreen to prevent any unwanted side effects like hyperpigmentation.

To know more about the procedure or any queries please consult with our experienced dermatologist and laser surgeon at SKIN KARMA.