• Quick safe and highly effective non-invasive method
  • Evalift takes care of vaginal laxity
  • Vagina can lose collagen and tightness due to childbirth aging and gravity. Vaginal laxity can lead to decreased tightness and sensitivity in vaginal area, causing loss of sensation and enjoyment during sexual intercourse and creating significant quality of life issues.
  • The especially made laser probe is inserted into the vagina up to the cervix about 6-8 cm. deep, the laser beam travels about 0.03-0.05mm into the vaginal tissue. This is deep enough to reach the level of the sub mucosa, where the new collagen is formed.
  • Evalift can reduce these changes by utilising a laser that is calibrated to work on vaginal tissues
  • By delivering the correct amount of laser energy, the collagen in the vaginal tissue is increased as well as blood flow. This creates a greater feeling of tightness as well as increased in vaginal lubrication.
  • Evalift helps women suffering from dryness and recurrent vaginal infections by rejuvenating the vulvo vaginal mucosa tissue and improving vaginal lubrication. The effect of laser increases the local immune system response by generating new healthy tissue resistance. Thus, it maintains normal vaginal pH and microflora.
  • Extremely useful in stress urinary incontinence; Evalift uses co2 fractional laser to help rejuvenate the pelvic floor and rectify the loss of elasticity in the urethra, which in turn takes care of incontinence. Evalift increases a thickness of vaginal wall by stimulating collagen and providing increase support to mid urethra under side, reduces the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.
What is Evalift?

Quick, safe and highly effective, non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

What are the Indications for Evalift procedure?
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Dryness
  • Painful sex
  • Stress urinary incontinence
Any special instructions?

Avoid penetrative intercourse for 7 days

Does the treatment hurt?

No, the treatment is pain free, more comfortable than pap smear test.

How many treatments do i need to get maximum result?

90% of the patients will show a good response after 2-3 treatments. Treatment should be repeated every 2 years to maintain the optimal results.

Can anything go wrong?

No, it’s safe, the same laser technique is used for facial rejuvenation.

Can I undergo treatment during period?


Can I exercise after treatment?

Yes, immediately post treatment.

Can I undergo treatment during breast feeding ?


Can I have this treatment if I had hysterectomy ?


To know more about the procedure or any queries please consult with our experienced dermatologist and laser surgeon at SKIN KARMA.