Cosmetic dermatology is the science of dermatology that deals with treatments that can combat normal aging and aesthetic concerns such as wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. It can help you to enhance your skin appearance.

Some treatments that fall into cosmetic dermatology are:-

  • Surgery to reduce acne scars.
  • Injecting fillers and botulinum toxins (Botox) to give an aging face a more youthful appearance.
  • Laser surgery to remove age tattoos, small veins, wrinkles and spots.


Skin Karma Clinic is one of the best skin care clinics in Dwarka, Delhi that provides best results in cosmetic dermatology and deals with procedures that includes diverse treatments to enhance an individual’s appearance.

At Skin Karma, dermatologists are committed to providing the finest laser treatments, medical facials, and chemical peels along with the expertise of leading medical professionals from Delhi. Our cosmetic dermatologists are specialized in the rejuvenation of damaged skin and focus on repairing the issues that interfere with the pleasant health of your skin.

With the most advanced technology, experienced dermatologists and a motivated team, Skin Karma offers a variety of cosmetic procedures in Dwarka that include:

  • Botox & Dermal fillers to smoother the dynamic and static lines of the face.
  • Laser hair reduction for unwanted body and facial hair
  • Micro dermabrasion to improve consistency of the skin.
  • Chemical peels for skin conditions like acne, scars, open pores, uneven and dull skin tone.
  • Skin resurfacing lasers for improving the appearance of all types of scars and fine lines.
  • Laser treatments for stretch marks and tattoo removal
  • Mesotherapy that targets dull skin, hair loss and cellulite using potent solutions or cocktails of minerals, growth factors and vitamins.