chemical peelChemical Peels stimulate the new growth of skin cells and collagen by removing dead and unwanted superficial layers of skin that build-up, creating a dull complexion. Peels induce a temporary and effective inflammatory response that promotes blood flow and signals the body to generate new tissue. A peel at Skin Karma Skin and Hair Clinic can vary in strength from a mild to strong concentration that will be determined by several factors including age, acne severity, skin sensitivities and desired results.

In our clinic, we offer Chemical peels to treat early photo-aging changes, fine wrinkles, coarse skin texture, sallow skin tone, age spots and other pigmentary abnormalities. Peels gently rejuvenate skin and stimulate renewal at a cellular level, for long-lasting, more visible results. Peels also help to unclog pores for people that are prone to oily skin and blackheads.


Superficial Peels

These are of the mildest kinds and in this kind of treatment a layer of phenol based cream is applied on the skin and left for hardly about a few minutes after which it is removed using alcohol or washed off using water. This procedure is usually performed to bring back the glow on the skin.

Medium Peels

In this form of treatment, the acid based lotion is left on the skin for little longer to allow burning off of deeper skin layers. This can treat fine lines on the skin and light blemishes too.

Deep Peels

While the other two are simple outpatient procedures and may not need any critical care, this is more intense in form and can be performed only with the use of vital sign monitors in the presence of doctors and paramedics. In this, not only is the acid based solution left on the skin for long, it is also more concentrated meant to cause second degree burns on the skin. This treatment, though painful shows dramatic effects and can cure wrinklesdark spotsblemishes and all other kinds of skin deformations on the face.


What do I need to know before my Chemical Peel?

Chemical Peels cannot be performed on skin that is tan or burned from sun exposure. Self-tanner should not be used 2 weeks prior to your peel. Discontinue the use of any topical prescription medications 7 days before treatment.  For example, Retin-A, Trilumen, Differin, etc.

You may not be a candidate if you are taking certain oral medications like steroids or Accutane. Pregnant or women who are nursing should not be treated.

What should I expect after my Chemical Peel?

Peels typically cause little to no discomfort, minimal flaking, and your skin will be glowing and healthy looking following treatment.

How do I know if I am a candidate for this treatment?

This is an excellent treatment for all skin types.

Can Chemical Peels be combined with other treatments?

Yes. Clients often benefit from combining Chemical Peels with other anti-aging treatments. During your consultation, the appropriate treatment plan to achieve your desired results will be discussed with you.

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