Fractional CO2 laser is a modern skin rejuvenation and tightening treatment in which the focused area is treated with individual laser pulses that intersperse the treated and untreated tissue. Having a CO2 Fractional Laser for sun damage, acne & scars and age spots (wrinkles, freckles) is equal to having multiple other non-invasive treatments at once.

At Skin Karma, we apparently provide best skin and hair treatments with the adept knowledge and experience of our skin specialists in Dwarka. The clinic prominently delivers the best consultancy and treatments with services to the patients seeking skin and hair treatments.


At Skin Karma, the dermatologists are committed to providing the finest laser treatments connected with the expertise of leading medical professionals. Our team has dermatologists specialized in providing various skin solutions including CO2 fractional laser for scar treatment in Dwarka. Anyone who has aging skin, wrinkles, sun damage or scars that are expected to be improved with this treatment.

After the treatment, you will be allowed to go to your home and rest mostly on the first day of treatment. After the 7th day, you can apply makeup or venture out but your skin remains sensitive until 3 months. Our team of dermatologists will help you maintain your results of healthy skin, they will recommend a healthy skin care routine, medical grade facials and avoidance of sun and smoking is compulsory. At Skin Karma, we understand your skin needs and thrive to keep your skin looking younger and healthier.