Dermatosurgery is defined as the practice of dermatology that specializes in function, surgical procedures and emergence of skin. Dermatosurgery means surgery of the skin that holds office based procedure accomplished under local anesthesia. As it is comfortable and affordable, Dermatosurgery is the most seeked after cosmetic treatment used by people for getting their flaws corrected.


Skin Karma is the best skin care clinic in Dwarka for affordable dermatosurgery treatment. With a team of expert dermatologists, excelled in their specialization over years and the most advanced equipment set up in Dwarka, Skin Karma offers the widest range of dermatosurgery treatments under one roof by some of the best skin specialists in Delhi.

At Skin Karma, a team of dermatologists co-operate closely with one another for complex procedures as they are committed to provide the best surgical treatment to the patients. For certain procedures, the patient can be given sedation or normal anesthesia for comfort.

At Skin Karma Clinic patients going through dermatosurgery can expect 100% safety and the fulfillment of their unimaginable expectations as the outcome. Patients with depression and dysmorphophobia are given counseling before subjecting them to aesthetic procedures.

We provide excision surgery of both benign and malignant skin lesions including melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Some of dermatosurgery procedures carried out at Skin Karma include:

  • Removal of skin growths, moles, skin tags, cysts, milia and corns
  • Wart removal or molluscum extraction.
  • Keloid and thickened scar treatment
  • Surgeries like punch grafting for vitiligo/leukoderma.
  • Cellulite treatment and fat reduction treatment.